Well, I Think It's Working Now.

The server switchover seems pretty much complete—I guess there are still a few corners of the Interweb where the DNS hasn’t fully propagated to yet, but that should solve itself in a day or two.

The hardest parts of the whole switchover were

  1. setting up a mirror installation on my home computer
  2. trying to get FastCGI working in conjunction with MT on my new host (didn’t happen, so I just went back to regular old CGI).

I would, at some point in the future, get FastCGI working, so if anyone has any ideas (I’m on Dreamhost, if that makes a difference), drop me a line. Having said that, I’m pretty tired of geeky tinkering at the moment, so I may just let sleeping dogs lie.

Feel free to kick the tires, look for busted links, make sure that comments work, etc.