Slipping In Under The Radar

It really used to be a big deal when SixApart would launch a new point release of MovableType. No longer, I guess…

The most obvious feature added to MT 3.3 is the loooooong-overdue addition of tags, finally bringing MT into full Web 2.0 buzzword compliance.

There are, however, a number of smaller changes and under-the-hood changes; one bit of added functionality that will probably never be noticed by 90% of the people using MT 3.3 is that Safari finally gets formatting buttons.

The upgrade process is pretty painless and fairly quick (it took me far longer to upload the new version to my web host than it did to actually run the upgrade script). My number one request for this point release was more speed; let’s see how it does…

Update: well, not particularly faster; on the other hand, neither is it particularly slower.

Update Part Deux: If you’re using Akismet-MT, you’ll have to re-enter your API key after the upgrade, or you’ll be bombarded with all the spam you’ve been missing…

Update The Third: Ok, it looks like Akismet is dying when it tries to filter stuff. :(


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