It's Like Digg, But For News

A friend pointed me to Common Times, a site that functions like a kind of Digg but for news.

That’d be neat enough as far as it goes, but that’s only the start of the story. It’s also loaded with all kinds of interesting Ajax-y goodness that let you do things like post items to your blog (apparently Blogger-only for now, but they’re working on adding other systems), check the Technorati stats for any given story, and see who voted for any particular story. There’s also automagic integration with your account, tagging to aggregate stories, and some more features that I haven’t been able to uncover yet.

Perhaps the most interesting feature is that it features an API, which means that building applications off the platform should be relatively easy and painless.

It’s still brand-new, so there are a few rough edges (like the blogger-only posting, for one thing), but overall, it’s a really interesting and intriguing concept. sez: check it out.