Like A Vacuum Cleaner

Wow, there are a lot of sucky teams in the NFL this year. Going into today’s action, Green Bay, Minnesota, Arizona, San Francisco, and Oakland are all 1-4, and Houston is a hapless 0-5. The entire NFC North is below .500 (Detroit and Chicago are tied for the division “lead” at 2-3).

There are some oddities, though. While some teams have earned their suckitude (i.e. San Francisco giving up more than twice as many points as they’ve scored), Green Bay has only one win despite outscoring their opponents 124-95. And Oakland, which has been badly hampered by their utter lack of a running game (second-to-worst rushing yards per game in the league), collected their sole win against NFC East-leading Dallas—and everyone in the NFC East is above .500 right now.