Come Here Baby, Put Your Leg Before My Wicket

This is a bit of an odd song, but then again, the artist is a bit of an oddity. David Wrench is a gaunt 6’5” albino Welshman who is probably most famous for a extended spat with Thom Yorke of Radiohead (involving a cover of “Creep”). His so far only solo album, “The Atomic World of Tomorrow” (only available in the UK) is stuffed full of dance music that sounds like Abba songs covered by the Pet Shop Boys and sung by Morrissey. If you actually listen closely to the spectacularly rude (clever, but definately not safe for work) lyrics, you’ll discover that this particular track is really a glorious tribute to Britishness (I think—anyway, it’s an appropriate bit to put up on the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar. Or it could be an ironic comment on being British. I’m not entirely sure. Either way, anyone who can make cricket (the game, which is played by grown men wearing white trousers and cable-knit sweaters, and really, any activity that’s undertaken whilst wearing a cable-knit sweater really can’t be considered a sport) sound as perversely dirty as he does has a certain amount of talent. Oh yeah, and then there’s the 3 minute Eno-esque coda, which just adds to the oddity…


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