Return To The Rabbit Hole

A few loose ends to tie up before I dive back into the rabbit hole later this morning:

  • My regular email is back and working. If you sent email to my account this weekend, you should probably send it again if you want to make sure that I got it. What happened was that the domain was hijacked and redirected—in layman’s terms, it’s a bit like what would happen if someone filled out a change of address form for an entire company. Here’s an official FAQ about the incident.

  • Late Friday night, walking down 14th Street near 2nd Avenue, a well-lit storefront, a hand-lettered sign on the door: “Boys Only!” Inside, seven or eight young men, busy knitting.

  • Later Friday night: discussing how some women, while never appearing to be without companion—escort, paramour, boyfriend—remain in perpetual state of singleness, while others, despite never appearing to have companion (escort, paramour, boyfriend) remain firmly non-single; a friend proposes a new dating strategy: only hit on women with boyfriends. Why? In such a case, one only has to compare favorably with one other—the boyfriend (there are probably transaction costs involved, but those were not discussed); if one is to only approach women without boyfriends, then one must compete with a potentially unlimited pool of others.

  • Speaking of dating strategies: How Gilligan Should Have approached Mary-Ann. Step One: “It all begins with a little flattery, particularly subtle but favorable comparisons to that hussy Ginger.”

  • And finally, what does it mean when my Contracts professor ends a grading memo by saying “I hope you all had a relaxing break. I didn’t.”? Is it a simple attempt to scare us? I sure hope so, ‘cause I can tell you that it worked.