When Hairy Met Sally (Or, On The Friend Problem)

Mike Wolf, on the movie Charlotte Sometimes:

Highly recommended [...] unless, like me, you happen to be a slightly romantic, slightly depressed and a generally lonely guy who has a lot of female friends. Then it's sorta like sticking a really big ice pick in your cranium. Your call.

Karlotta on parental advice:

because in the end, my father was right,
you can't be friends with boys,
because they will all want to see you naked;

Graceland on roommates:

You would probably fall for my roommate, because she's the girl that all the guys fall for, and I would smile and get out of your way. [...] I'm the girl that's the great friend. I'm the girl who's a great time. I'm the one they dance with and they hug and they tell stories about.

Sarah Space on being neighborly:

Engaged in a brief physical encounter with the neighbor's tree man. I did not know that "Can I have a glass of water?" means "Let's make out."


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