hooverphonic1.jpgThere's an epilogue to the epilogue.

I was at Tower last night, just browsing around, when I discovered that they actually had Hooverphonic Presents Jackie Cane in stock (thank goodness for imports, eh?).

Only one copy, and, of course, it was in my hot little hand faster than you can say "Belgian euro-pop".

First off, it's actually 1 and 1/2 cds -- a full length concept CD about a fictional singer named Jackie Cane (of course), and then a second half-length (33 minutes) CD of remixes. Which explains the relatively high price of 24 euros.

Secondly, after having listened to it, it's actually not as bad as the clips on their website make it out to be. It's not Sgt. Pepper, but I'd say that it's better than their last album. There's a very intentionally retro feel to the album that works very well with swoops and swirls of electronica that mark the Hooverphonic sound (if there is such a thing).

And really, any band that's puts out such gloriously stylish retro cheesecake as this desktop (you can peruse the rest of the collection on the website; while you're over there, check out the two videos from the new album) can't be all that bad.

And the best part was that it was only $22 (before tax), which is somewhat less than 24 euros (according to my calculator, 24 euros works out to $27.52) at current exchange rates.