I had an anxiety dream last night. I was back in college (an unspecified college: it looked a lot like my alma mater, but it wasn't) and I was walking down the sidewalk when I realized that I had signed up for a course that I hadn't actually bothered attending all semester.

It's funny: I've never had the "show up naked in class" dream or anything like that. I've generally avoided academic dreams. But this one (well, not this specific dream, but the theme of having registered for a course and then forgetting to actually go to class) is something that comes back to me. Not often, not all the time. I couldn't tell you the last time I dreamt of this (months, or more likely years). But it keeps coming back.

Dreams are funny like that. Sometimes you can have exactly the same dream (or at least you remember it being exactly the same dream) repeated periodically over years. And sometimes it's not exactly the same dream (like this one) but the themes repeat themselves over and over.

And, of course, sometimes they just make no sense whatsoever.