A Few Notes...

Just a few things before the weekend (I'll be down in DC, so no blogging for a few days):

  • Go visit The Ken Goldstein Project.
  • Speaking of Ken Goldstein, I should point out that he's an excellent poker player.
  • As is Caryn Solly, who is quite fetching as a redhead.
  • Sorry, no pictures.
  • But if you come to The Big Apple Blogger Bash III, you'll get to see her in all her flame-haired glory for yourself.
  • You are coming, aren't you?
  • The latest (and last, unless you (and yes, I'm talking to you, not the next fellow) send some nominations in) nomination for a September theme (which I guess won't get unveiled until next week, since I won't be blogging (or anywhere near a computer, for that matter) over the weekend) is monkeys!
  • This space intentionally left blank.
  • Note to self: next time, don't use sweet onions.
  • Good news: I'm no longer #1 on Google for Klingon G--- R---. Bad News: I'm still ranked above Wil Wheaton.