Won't You Take Me Down To Memphis?

More on Relationship Month:

Over at Capital Influx, Elizabeth Spiers explains why she'll never ever write about dating on her blog.

Of course, she already has, if only in the context of missing out on a date because she had been felled by food poisoning, but consistancy is the hobgoblin of small minds, right, old chap?

Anyway, Elizabeth links to a piece by Shelly Powers about dating how a blogger can be a good idea. She says yes; the open book nature of most blogs means that you'll get a pretty good feel for who the object of desire really is. I say... well, I say that there's a certain level of self-selection among bloggers, so if someone says that they have a blog, well, you know that there's a certain level of intelligence and a certain ability to communicate (albeit via the keyboard and not face-to-face, which sometimes could be a problem....)