The Streets Of Town Were Paved With Stars

Since August seems to be turning into relationship month here (or maybe I should call it "He Said She Said" month), here's some blatant link pimpage:

  • Edie Singlton's Adventures in DatingA Mating Call in the Concrete Jungle. Funny, well written.
  • Mil Millington's Things My Girlfriend and I have Argued About, which is not only sidesplittingly funny, it's all true (and has been turned into a novel, coming soon to a retailer of taste and discernment near you). Be sure to check out Mil's One Millionth Visitor contest.
  • The Name Says It All, Part I, The Bitter Male Chronicles.
  • This Fish Needs A Bicycle, by the well known writer A. N. Onymous. Clever title, conventional (albeit well-written) blog.
  • What is the relationship between industry and the individual? Samsung Means To Come, a love story of sorts.
  • Sarah Hatter's isn't about relationships per se, but she writes about them a lot anyway.
  • Jessica at the Blog of Chloe and Pete touches briefly on the subject of LDRs. I'm personally pessimistic on the subject. Every one I've ever seen up close has eventuallly collapsed, the victim of either a) the distance and the absence, or paradoxically, b) the reunion. Modern technology can help close the distances in the case of a), but b)'s a real killer. The problem is that while you're in an LDR, the times that you see your partner are concentrated, intense spurts (mostly shagging and PDAs, but that's another story). You don't have to deal with your other's dirty underwear on the bathroom floor, their disgusting habit of picking their nose at the breakfast table, the really annoying way that they parallel park. And even if you had been in close proximity before the LDR portion of the relationship, the time apart can -- and will -- change a person, so that when they come back, they aren't always the same person, and that can cause problems. Don't get me wrong, I wish Jessica and hers all the best. But that's just the way I see it. Maybe I'm a cynic.
  • The Name Says It All, Part II, Boys Kill.
  • Second funniest personal ad I've ever read. From craigslist.
  • And last but not least, Marie is doing a documentary about Men from the woman's perspective (well, at least Marie's perspective, which, as far as I can tell, is pretty darn appreciative).

Check 'em out.