Colliding With The Very Air She Breathes

I've mentioned Hayseed Dixie before. In short, they play rock-'n'-roll songs as straight traditional bluegrass. Their rendition of "Feel Like Making Love" should not be missed.

Well, last night at the Bottom Line, they opened for a band called Brave Combo. Brave Combo is... well, they're a polka band.

Yep. You heard me right.


They play straight polka -- German, Mexican, Polish, Swedish -- and they also play what can only be described as rock polka.

Huh? Rock Polka?

Yep. Basically, just imagine that rock music, instead of being blues-based, was polka-based instead. That's what they sound like.

That's weird.

Yeah, but it works. They also do a cha-cha version of "Louie, Louie", and a few other things. In fact, the only blues-based number they played all night was a funk cover of "The Hokey-Pokey".

The Hokey-Pokey?


The one where you put it in and you put it out and then you shake it all about?

One and the same. Anyway, they're a really amazing band, at least live. So if they're coming to your town, check them out. Really. I mean it.