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Random thought after I took this test and got a guy I'd never heard of before (not entirely inaccurate, particularly that bit about not balding): Does anyone really know how large the blogsphere really is?

I mean, you could probably get a rough estimate by counting the number of Blogger users there are and then adding to that all the LiveJournal, Diaryland and Pitas users. Those are all pretty easily countable. But then you get into systems like GreyMatter, Radio/Manila, MovableType, and slashcode which aren't so easily countable. And then there seem to be a million "other" systems out there, not to mention freaks like myself who eschew automated systems and massage the raw HTML with our bare hands. Even if you take out all the inactive and abandoned blogs you still end up with a pretty damn big number.

An accurate link map of the blogsphere would be an interesting thing, methinks.