He Spelled It With A 'Y'

A man famous for making women beautiful died the other day.

I could ponder why the passing of a makeup artist should actually be news. And I'm sure that I've got a couple of hundred words tucked away somewhere on gender roles, make-up, and why society deems that sort of thing to be "normal" (speaking of which, did you guys catch that first episode of Frontier House where that woman completely flipped out over not being able to wear make-up for the group photo? It was like an anthropological dispatch from Mars (or, in this case, Venus). <Spock>Fascinating.</Spock>).

But, in the interests of time (and the interests of not boring all three four of my readers to tears), I'll refrain.

As a long-time admirer (far too often from afar) of female pulchritude, I will say this: the vast majority of women I've met are far more beautiful than they think they are.