Nice Things Are Good

Sasha, La Blogatrice, says some very nice things about me in her blog, yet finds the blog itself, and I quote, "intriguingly titled".

Well, now, for the first time ever, I explain the title (actually, I'm kind of surprised that anyone actually noticed it):

There's no deep, dark mystery behind the title: the humble truth is that it changes every month. By an odd coincidence, it seems that I archive my posts (located for your convenience over there on the right) every month. Truth is, last time I redesigned the site I was running out of creativity and didn't actually name it (pre-redesign, it had been titled "the home page", (no caps), which was either a sardonic, post-modern commentary on the semiotic nature of titles or a blatant display of extraordinary intellectual laziness). I guess if I had been feeling clever that day it would have been called "the monster files" or something like that ("the monster mash"?).

Hm. I guess I actually didn't explain the title. So, officially, there's no title.

If you really want to know what it means, you can plug it into Google.