Well, the Big Apple Blogger Bash was a smashing success. Many kudos to Asparagirl and Orchid for their bold initiative in actually organizing it. The fact that I was several beers to the wind might have impaired my recollection of the event, but an incomplete list of the NYC-area bloggers (who are all uniformly intelligent, charming, attractive and witty) I ran into must include, aside from the above-mentioned hosts, La Blogatrice, Ravenwolf, The Blue-Collar Slob, The Illuminated Donkey, Jane Galt, and many, many more who's names I've completely forgotten. But I'd like to offer a very special thank-you to Steve, who bought us all pizza.

A few notes for next time:

  1. When wearing nametags in a dimly-lit bar, don't use red ink. It's just too hard to read.
  2. Business cards. Sasha did it right. Definitely.

The flip side to all this is that my blog bookmarks list has grown completely out of control, much in the fashion of a giant radioactive Japanese lizard.