Yesterday, when I was going to go get my passport, I passed a tan Chevy Malibu that made me wish I carried a camera with me all the time: the license plate read "DELETE". Damn. Maybe I'll see it today when I go pick it up. What I really need is a digital camera. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Either that (a digital camera, that is) or a winning lottery ticket (speaking of tickets).

. . .

This was an obvious candidate for The Mirror Project.

The Lord of the Rings by Various Authors. Though I have to say that the Raymond Chandler one is actually more like Mickey Spillane than Ray Chandler. But I digress.

I never knew why those bleeding idjits in the UK drive on the wrong side of the road. Now I Know. Incidentally, there are some roads that are impossible to reverse. Cotton Tree Drive in Hong Kong is one of them...