It's Sumo Time!

The conversation at dinner last night at the Mothership:

Key: LB = Little Brother; M = Mom; D = Dad; PF = myself.

The conversation had turned somehow to sumo wrestlers:

LB: You never see any body hair on sumo wrestlers.

PF: That's because they're Japanese.

LB: But some Japanese are hairy.

M: Maybe they shave?

PF: Or more likely have someone shave for them? I don't think that many sumo wrestlers could reach that far.

M: Probably.

PF: That's a job that I really wouldn't want. On my list of undesirable jobs, "Sumo Wrestler Shaver" is probably right below "Rectal Thermometer Tester".

D: That'd be an office where you really couldn't sit down on the job.

[General hilarity ensues.]

D: But you'd have to watch out for the ass ceiling.

[More general hilarity.]