I suppose that I just could have added this entry to yesterday's, seeing as it's still the 24th in most of the US, and it's only been the 25th here for about 24 minutes. But since I'm going out to see The Donkey Show (A Midsummer Night's Dream meets Studio 54) tonight (tomorrow night? whatever) I don't think that I'd have time to add an entry later today (or tomorrow), and so there would be no entry for the 25th. So I'm making it now.

I was going to spend the evening finishing up my months-overdue WTC page. (this weekend, maybe...)

Instead, I spent the evening over at The 2002 Bloggies, checking out a lot of stuff that I've more-or-less wilfully ignored. There are actually some pretty darn interesting sites out there devoted to the fine art of navel-gazing.

Nothing wrong with that, nothing wrong with that at all.

Of course, I'm actually going to have to go back at some point this weekend and actually bookmark the sites I found to be interesting. Because bookmarking them on the first time through is, just like, so, like, totally, like, wrong, you know?

One thing that is amusing is how quickly blogging developed an A-list and so on down the line. Quite frankly, this is a Z-list log with lots of missing features. But then again, I rolled it myself. One day all the entries will live in a magical database somewhere and everything will be shiny and nice. I don't know when I'll find the time to do that, but it's great motivation to actually get back into programming after more than a decade away from rolling any code more substantial than "Hello World."

And speaking of missing things, I updated the FAQ and fixed the non-intentional typos.