Let's Do The Numbers

As David Brancaccio says, let's do the numbers:

  • 12 people
  • 13.7 pounds of turkey
  • 0.5 roast duck
  • 13 different dishes, not counting dessert
  • 2 days making a "simple" consomme
  • 3 pies
  • 2 gallons of hand-made whipped cream (approx.)
  • 5 dishwasher loads
  • infinite amounts of leftovers
All in all, I think it was a good Thanksgiving.

I have much to give thanks for -- health, and the health of those close to me. I still have a job, which given the current economy, is definitely something to be thankful for. And the fact that I haven't lost anyone in the disasters that have recently befallen New York -- that too is something to be thankful for.