October 2001 Archives

Short Month

If you scroll down to the very bottom of this page, you'll find that I promise that you'll get to vote on what I'm going to be for Halloween. Unfortunately, circumstances outside my control have already decided that I'm not really going to be doing anything on Halloween. C'est la vie.

. . .

Welcome to the wonderful world of Standard Time, where the sun sets at five in the afternoon.

. . .

I learned something interesting today about the word disinterested.

M-W.com actually has a better explanation, but I can't link directly to the definition.

Yes, I'm a geek. Did you have to ask?

Back Soon

Heading out to San Francisco to see my sister sing. Be back early next week.

And yes, I'm still working on that project.

In the meantime, have you explored the rest of my site? (Hint: the links are all over ----> there, on the right.)

More And More

More about the assorted adventures of my siblings.

Also updated the Music Page.

Really Cool

This is really, really cool:

BBC News | World | America | Eyewitness

And I'm not saying that just because he's my brother.

Spread 'Em!

Yesterday the Federal Reserve cut the overnight interest rate to 2.5%, the lowest it's been in 39 years.

Yesterday I got a solicitation in the mail for a credit card with the low low rate of 19.98% (going up to 25.95% if I happen to be late with a payment).

That's a pretty damn big spread...

What Remains Behind

I think that it will be the weird things that stick with me:

  • Taking the stairs out of my office on September 11, even though the elevators were working fine.
  • The world's most orderly bank run: outside of a bank that had abruptly closed early, a line at the ATM stretching all the way down the black.
  • The haphazard nature of the phone system -- some phone were working fine; some you couldn't get a dial tone on at all; some it took ten seconds to get a dial tone; and forget about trying to use a cell phone.
  • Seeing the Halloween displays at KMart a week later while people were calmly buying lots of emergency supplies.
  • An utter inability to recognize one of my neighbors at that same KMart. I knew I knew her, but could not, for the life of me, remember from where. Of course, she couldn't either...

. . .

I took the Foreign Service Exam last Saturday. I hope I didn't screw up too badly....

. . .

Coming Soon:
What should Paul be for Halloween?