New York Moment

I'm sitting in a cab that is, in turn, sitting in the parking lot known as Ninth Avenue in the 40s this morning, staring out the window, when a guy in a bakery truck pulls up:

"Hey friend, got the time?"

I glance at my watch, tell him the correct time (running late—not only ungraciously late, but obscenely so), the light changes, and my cab speeds off (well, at least as much as one can speed off on Ninth Avenue).

. . .

I got my tax refund check in the mail yesterday. I think that it's really odd that they government would send me money when last week they sent me an envelope with instructions on how to pay estimated taxes for the rest of the year. It would make sense to me that, instead of asking me to pay estimated taxes while sending me money, that the Treasury Department should just keep the extra money and deduct it from my tab.

Quite frankly, while I can't say that the cash isn't welcome, it's not like I'm starving to death here. This is not money that I'm going to use to feed myself. Well, maybe I'll take myself out somewhere, but you get the idea.

I can't help but think that it's actually a bribe. The amount that's on the check has nothing to do with the amount of taxes that I actually pay. It's just a lump sum that's been handed out—"Here's some money, will you like me now?"

Actually, the amount of the check is just about equal to the cost of my airline ticket to LA. Interesting.

. . .

Got on my bike this morning, sore leg and all. I don't know if I'm actually getting stronger, or if it's just a psychological thing, but I'm pushing myself harder on the bike than ever before, particularly on the hills (admittedly, I ride a very flat course, so it's not like I'm riding through the seven hills of Rome). But still, progress is progress, no?