Baby Steps

Still looking for a editor to use. Pepper has promise, but I'm having trouble fixing the font size. It's not entirely a crime to want to make the text readable, no?

I'm currently writing this in Emacs in an OS X terminal window. It's hardly a perfect solution, but it works for now. I'm kind puzzled as to why Apple shipped OS X without a GUI ASCII editor. TextEdit is really pretty cool, but I can't figure out how to make it save a plain text file. It's awfully fond of RTF. Hang on. I think I figured it out. OK, so it works. But it's not nearly as convenient as SimpleText was for making quick-and-dirty changes to code or other text.

I was just reminded of the fact that TextEdit has this annoying habit of opening HTML files as HTML, not as text. And the type is kinda small. Sue me, I'm at 1600x1200 resolution.

The problem with TextEdit is that even though I can save stuff as regular text, it saves it only without an EOL character that Emacs can recognize.

I'm beginning to think that there's no such thing as the perfect editor. I suppose I could try to write an Emacs extension to do it. But Emacs wasn't really written to handle HTML. Argh. FWIW, I'm using Pepper right now. It does some nice things.

Having to wait five seconds every time you want to save is not one of its more endearing features, but it is a good incentive to register it.

I think for now I'll stick with either Dreamweaver or plain ol' Emacs, unfortunately.

In doing all of this, I discovered something interesting about OS X's Finder. When you create an alias in OS X from the Finder, it creates an old-school-style (i.e. OS 8) alias, which the command line doesn't recognize. However, when you create a symlink using ln from the terminal, the Finder not only recognizes it as a symlink, it recognizes it as an alias. Now, the acid test will be to boot back into OS 9 and see if OS 9 sees the symlink as an alias. I don't think it will, though it'd be pretty cool if it did.